30 wild things to do before 30

In a couple of days time I will be celebrating a bit of a milestone birthday. I’m sure you can guess… Anyhow, it got me thinking. I’ve been pretty lucky so far in my life and so I thought I’d share with you 30 particularly memorable wild experiences that I’ve had. Perhaps it will inspire you to get out there and see some of them for yourself. I considered lots of different ways that I could put them into some sort of order but in the end I couldn’t decide which my absolute favourite has been and there’s quite a range so instead I’m going to start with some that are closer to home. So without any further rambling, here are my 30 wild things: Walk through an English bluebell wood in full bloom There is something utterly wonderful about […]

The Pyrenees

At the end of May I was lucky enough to join a tour to the Spanish Pyrenees with Experience Nature Ltd with the aim of photographing Lammergeiers as well as the other three European species of vultures. I am now pleased to announce that I will be joining future tours as a Co-Leader specialising in flowers and butterflies. On that note it seems fitting to start, as we did, with a butterfly. This stunning Blue Spot Hairstreak was one of the first things we saw before we even reached our destination. We pulled off the road into a layby overlooking a beautiful lake, and this gorgeous butterfly was one of several species making the most of the Field Scabious and other wildflowers on the roadside.      

America part 1 – The California Coast

Having hinted in my last post at a trip my husband and I took in April, I thought I would start by telling you about the first half of the trip including LA and the California coast here: We flew into Los Angeles and spent a couple of very enjoyable days catching up with friends, seeing the sights and eating too much. For me, the best part of LA was the short hike we did to the top of Griffith Park. The views were pretty incredible, especially with the observatory in the foreground – it really gives you a sense of what a huge place LA is. I did manage to make a fool of myself by slipping on a rock and spraining my ankle in spectacular fashion, but apart from that it was still a good start to the […]