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I grew up in rural Herefordshire and have always been fascinated by nature and wildlife. My earliest memories are of being outdoors and I am still amazed by the diversity on our doorsteps here in Britain. I was encouraged by my Great Uncle who was a very keen birdwatcher and my mother who is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to plants. It seemed only natural that when given a camera to use for the first time I took photos of the wildlife I had grown up with.

Growing up we used to holiday most years on the west coast of Scotland but as I got older my parents introduced me to summer in the Alps. While I have been lucky to enjoy trips to many parts of the world these are still two of my favourites.

It wasn't until I had nearly finished my degree (already swapped from French and Geography to History of Art!) that I finally realised that photography was what I wanted to do seriously. Since then I have been steadily building up a portfolio and investing in Canon products as far as I can afford!

People often ask me what my favourite subject is to photograph but I can honestly say that I find it a real struggle to choose. I find as much enjoyment from waiting for kingfishers as I do chasing bees from flower to flower.

I am now based in Cambridgeshire and am fortunate to have a wonderful husband who also enjoys nature and the great outdoors. He also happens to be a willing assistant when he has the time to accompany me and kindly carries my kit - what photographer could ask for more?!

I currently write on a monthly basis for the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust under my married name (Kendrick). Look out for my photos and articles in their News section. I am also a contributor for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust providing articles and photographs for their website and newsletter.