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Once again it took some deliberation this month but in the spirit of mixing it up a bit I thought I'd make June's Image of the Month a hoverfly. I do seem to have been taking a lot of macro images lately!

In case you're thinking I've got it wrong, this particular hoverfly does indeed look like a bumblebee - it is Volucella bombylans var. bombylans and it has markings to mimic a Red Tailed Bumblebee. This allows it to lay eggs inside a bumblebee's nest where its young will feed on the debris from the bees. As an adult they feed on flower nectar like many other hoverfly species. 

I found this individual warming up on a hazel leaf one slightly overcast morning just as I was heading to check some newt traps... it's amazing what I find whilst doing ecology work, but sadly I don't always have the chance to take my camera along so this was a good day!

Canon 60D, 100mm Macro lens, f5.6, 1/320, ISO250.

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