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Although I have photographed a few other subjects this month, the vast majority of my photographs have been of fungi. This time of year is ideal for seeking out this unusual beauties and capturing their intricacies. What you may not realise is that they are all around us throughout the year but the toadstool that we see is only the fruiting body much like an apple on a tree. 


This image was taken on the floor of a mostly deciduous woodland where I stumbled on these rather dainty little toadstools among the leaf litter. Unfortunately I am no expert in mycology and have been unable to identify them.


I enjoy looking for different types of fungi but often find them quite challenging to photograph due to awkward backgrounds and low light conditions. What drew me to take this shot was the differing heights of the two fungi and the delicacy of the caps atop such thin stipes, along with the sense of scale and warm colour added by the Oak leaves. I used a diffused flash to bring a little extra light to the scene which I feel works well as it doesn’t look too harsh. 


Canon 60D, 100mm Macro Lens, f3.5, 1/125, ISO 320.

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