The Vercors, a little known treasure trove in southeast France

I hardly know where to begin this week, I have so many photos to share. As I mentioned at the end of my last post I had only a day and a half at home before setting off on the next adventure. This time I headed to Folkstone to meet up with my parents. I left my car on a friend’s drive and we boarded the Eurotunnel bound for the South of France.

We drove down over a couple of days and were due to meet with a Natural History tour group at Lyon. The first half of the tour would explore the Vercors region which is a Limestone massif on the edge of the Alps. Read more

The Spanish Pyrenees, home to a surprising number of vultures…

At the end of May I was lucky enough to join a tour to the Spanish Pyrenees with Experience Nature Ltd with the aim of photographing Lammergeiers as well as the other three European species of vultures. I am now pleased to announce that I will be joining future tours as a Co-Leader specialising in flowers and butterflies.

On that note it seems fitting to start, as we did, with a butterfly. This stunning Blue Spot Hairstreak was one of the first things we saw before we even reached our destination. We pulled off the road into a layby overlooking a beautiful lake, and this gorgeous butterfly was one of several species making the most of the Field Scabious and other wildflowers on the roadside.



Blue Spot Hairstreak


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